These are the special ministries and focuses of our congregation.
Outreach to Students
We are uniquely located to proclaim the Gospel to the students of Brock University, St. Catharines. Our outdoor sign gives those who pass by on the way to classes something to ponder about God’s love. Students have dropped in to pray, seek council with the pastor, and in some cases receive God’s forgiveness through holy absolution. Pastor Lantz is an associate chaplain at Brock University and leads a weekly Bible study for Lutheran Student Fellowship. We have been enriched by the students who have come to worship with us regularly on Sundays and although we are sad to see them go when they graduate, we know that they are moving on to become vibrant members of Lutheran churches in other communities.
Moms Group
The young mothers of our congregation invite other young moms to bring out the children weekly to play together while the moms offer support and encouragement to one another in a relaxed atmosphere or on special outings.
Lutheran Women's Missionary League-Canada
The LWML is active in Lutheran congregations throughout the world. The Mary Martha Society of our congregation is a member of the Niagara Zone of the Canadian organization. This group of faithful ladies gather for monthly Bible study and organize many areas of service for us. Some sew for medical and mission supplies. Some take care of the altar paraments and communion vessels. Some prepare refreshments for us to share on Sunday mornings and at funeral receptions. Their collection of mites goes to fund mission projects around the world.
Seminary Support
We are very happy to have been the first location of Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary. Classes started in our church basement. Our former pastor Dr. Roger Humann was the first director. Since then we have provided a church home for many of the professors and student families who have dedicated their lives to church work. We have hosted many field work students as they learn their craft. Pastor Lantz was once a field work student at Resurrection, too. Thank the Lord for including us in His formation of pastors and church workers.
Sharing our Pastors in the work of LCC
We are part of a larger church family. Lutheran Church-Canada is comprised of congregations from Port Alberni BC to Halifax NS. We support the work of our church family throughout Canada and in its mission endeavors in Southeast Asia, Central America, and Ukraine. Pastor Lantz has written articles for The Canadian Lutheran and currently serves as Circuit Counselor for the eight congregations in the Niagara Area. Pastor Putzman (Emeritus) served many years on the Board of Directors and is currently involved in the restructuring work of our national church body.